1. Portraits from the Uncanny Valley

    Watching a video the other day, I saw some pictures from the Butcher of Provincetown haunt in Scarborough, CN. On one of the walls was an old black and white portrait the face scratched out. I thought, "what a great way to tell a story"!

    I know we've all seen the lenticular photos for sale everywhere from Dollar Tree to Spirit Halloween.
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    These pictures tell a story too, but I find a photo with the face scratched out more unsettling. ...
  2. Scare Box and Drop Panel?

    Here's a video showing how to build a "scare box", which I understand originated in Amish country 150 years ago:

    I have been wondering if one could not use this basic concept turned 90 degrees to make a drop panel?

    It would have to be sturdy material, for sure. Ideally, it would trigger a sound as well. The monster would not need to pass the window - though I think it is was an old mophead, if could... ...
  3. Using the Queue Line

    I hate standing in line. Hate. It.

    I imagine most people do. If I have to stand in line for an hour or more to get into a haunt, I'm already going to be less satisfied by whatever is in there than I would be if I could just walk right in.
    In my experience as a haunt patron, the queue is not being used very well at all. I have heard of haunts where this is not the case, but I have not ...
  4. Commedia Dell'haunt

    Commedia dell'arte, meaning "comedy of the profession" was an early form of professional theatre, originating from Italy, characterized by masked "types".
    Commedia dell'arte has four stock character groups: the servants or Zanni; the old men or vecchi; the lovers or innamorati ; and the captains or Capitani who can also be La Signora if a female.
    Patrons know immediately who a character is by their mask or costume.

  5. Have Heroes Outside of Haunting

    Magician Brian Brushwood once wrote an email to his hero Teller of Penn & Teller.

    Teller wrote back a very thoughtful and interesting reply, which included this:
    "Have heroes outside of magic. Mine are Hitchcock, Poe, Sophocles, Shakespeare, and Bach. You're welcome to borrow them, but you must learn to love them yourself for your own reasons. Then they'll push you in the right direction."

    I'll leave you to decide for yourself how those particular ...
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