1. Inspiration from The Book of Life

    I saw a post on Facebook about an artist making a life sized version of this gate:

    The thing is, I'd never see this gate before. Was it from Nightmare Before Christmas? ...
  2. Gong of DOOM!

    Sound is so important.
    Even in the days of "silent" movies, there was always musical accompaniment to set the mood.
    While we all love the old "Thrilling Chilling" sound FX records, isn't it cool to find new sounds to add to our haunt's ambience?

    Listen to the sounds produced by this gong and its master player!

    Pretty sure most haunts could use this sound somewhere. If you load it into any sound editor and ...
  3. Bloodshot

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    Super quick. I popped the eyes out of a doll and made one of them bloodshot. All I did is take some red thread (yarn would have been easier) and brush it with a wire brush until I got fine red fuzz.
    I painted the white of the eye with wood glue. I like wood glue because it dries a slightly jaundiced yellow.
    Anyway, once the glue was tacky, I laid down the fuzz. I dipped a stiff paintbrush in more glue and painted over the fuzz with that. ...
  4. Horror Bust Mod

    I came across one of those busts sold for girls to practice hair and makeup on. Something similar to this:

    I took some pictures of the real one, but my camera is acting odd lately and several photos were seriously overexposed. Anyway, it was 99 and it had eyes I could remove, not just painted on. So, I got the doll for those eyes.
    Having removed the eyes, I ...
  5. Zombified Minnie Mouse

    I happened to have a cute little Minnie Mouse come into my possession:

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    So, I decide to zombify it. It's not a terribly elaborate mod.
    I started by cutting the eye out with an X-Acto knife.
    Name:  DSCF4780.JPG
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    I din't want just a hole into her head, so I used my old standby. I mixed glue and water in a 1:1 mix and tore some cotton from a cotton ball. I mixed it all up and crammed it in the eye socket ...
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