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    You can visit the grave of Jacob Waltz on Tuesdays (or Thurs, I forget)which is located at the Pioneer Military Park Cemetery at 15th Avenue and Harrison Street in downtown Phoenix. Just need to go through the Smirthwaite house, and get someone from the historical society to open the gate for you. While you're there, take time to visit some notable persons-- like the guy who named Phoenix and Tempe.

    Lots of other legends--
    The Ghost Bus of Hwy 93 is a favorite of mine.
    There are also strange disappearances of people, like the park ranger at Faraway Ranch in the chiricahuas.

    ... also know a lot of buried/hidden/forgotten treasure stories... like whatever happened to the money cochise county deputy Burt Alvord stashed after robbing trains?

    Would type more, but posting from the phone is vexing.
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    Since I am currently limited to one video clip per entry, here it is in Amaluna:
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    Be sure to post some pictures, GP!
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    My first couple of years, I put out whatever i had plus the new props i made. The last few years have been entirely themed - old west, zombies, cemetery. This year, the theme is lighting based - blacklight. So while the props are not cohesive in and of themselves - I've got zombies, ghosts, headstones, bugs, pumpkins - they are all blacklight.
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    Love the ideas and the possibilities!
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    Lots of great Steampunk maker tips on your Mad Scientist Jars instructables and also the Hauntcast interview. Thanks for posting, Jim! -Mike
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    I've read most of the Koontz Frankenstein series... been a while (2006-ish) if I recall it was cops-and-occult. Good story. Great writing. Reminded me a lot of the Dresden novels by Jim Butcher. I'm more of an F. Paul Wilson kinda gal, personally-- Repairman Jack, specifically-- though I will agree with you, Koontz is a great author.

    Most of what I read is supernatural. Though, I haven't read much in a while... since I first had a baby-- they do that! I do keep a list of things to read and things I've read since June 2007 over at I used to pick up give-aways left and right too. Now, not-so-much.

    Happy Reading.
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    You?ve just inspired me to create a jack-o-lantern with green flames using boric acid and antifreeze!
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    Pretty interesting concept, a man's shadow leaves him and goes for a walk? (creepy)
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    Quote Originally Posted by judware
    yes a cool make & take
    Yes. Looking forward to attending your make and take for this!
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    yes a cool make & take
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    Some pics from our party:

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    This is great! I really like the spray foam to make the vines! I've made some stone walls by using spray paint to "sculpt" random rock shapes for a wall. The acetone eats away the foam making some great stone shapes, then just finish painting as you like.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr.Chicken
    outstanding! Looks awesome!
    I am going to make it into a photo op for Thrill Halloween.
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    outstanding! Looks awesome!