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  1. Whiteout!

    This is not a blog about whiteout haunts. A whiteout haunt is the reverse of a blackout haunt. It's easier, because instead of making everything pitch black, you fill a room with fog and light and people cannot see anything. This blog is not about that.

    This is about how weird and surreal having all white sets, characters, etc. can be.

    An all white room takes on all the ...
  2. Interactive Walls

    Here's a relatively random thought that I've never seen suggested anywhere:
    We all know about pressure mats. People step on them and a circuit is completed, causing an effect.

    However, there is no reason these need to be limited to floors. A pressure mat applied to a wall could trigger a reaction when people touch the wall.

    This could ...
  3. Heroes and Their Uses

    Many years ago I was wandering through a thrift store and found a samurai army neatly folded on a table. They were dozens of silk onesies with samurai armor printed on them, like 80s Halloween costumes. They even had an opening in the back and a tie at the top of the neck.

    These had been used in a movie featuring epic battles between opposing armies. No one would have believed these if they were used in close ups. No, in close ups, the main actors wore highly detailed and realistic ...
  4. Cheap Characters

    You say you need to stretch your haunt budget as far as possible and not spend a fortune on character costumes? You are in luck!

    With a bit of planning, you can create a great haunt with pretty inexpensive costuming!

    Ghosts / Spirits
    You could do a paranormal themed haunt where all the characters are ghosts. No blood or gore, and the makeup is pretty simple. Check out the makeup used in Carnival of Souls for inspiration:


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  5. Shake it Up!

    Does your haunt run for multiple nights, and you are looking for a reason for guests to come back? Do you just want to do something different this year without redesigning everything? Maybe you just need to shake it up!

    I'm not talking about a rewrite. I'm not even talking about making any major changes. Just something relatively quick and easy that will make patrons say "oh, that sounds ...

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