1. An Illusion of Multiplicity

    One of the things I am constantly looking for is unique puppetry. Another is Illusion costumes. When I stumbled upon Blick Théâtre - [hullu], I knew I had found a unique blend of the two. Sure, I had seen various puppets using fake arms before, but follow the ink to see the way these illusions have been used to create characters:


    One of the challenges any haunt faces - whether a home haunt or pro - is actors. Actors are ...
  2. Walpurgisnacht

    Samhain isn't the only night when the supernatural rules. There's a penetrating chill in the wind. The bright moon rises behind the shivering, nearly naked trees. A profound sense of foreboding permeates the darkness. This is the night, after all, when witches ride their broomsticks through the sky, and the natural world is forced to confront the powers of the supernatural.

    No, it isn't October 31 and this ...