1. A Real Master

    Back in May I wrote a little entry based on a letter from Teller to an upcoming Magician.

    The gist of that was to find heroes outside of haunting and to let them guide you.

    Today I would like to make a case for Buster Keaton to be one of those heroes.

    I can only put one video per blog entry, so I ask you to take 20 minutes to watch ...
  2. 20 Hour Experiment Day 14

    I knew going in this was going to be rough, but I figure i'm almost halfway through this experiments and I'd better start trying to do faces, since that's a big part of what I want to be able to draw. Not only is a face in my target picture, but I'd like to be able to draw character concepts.

    I followed a couple of tutorials on drawing faces. Both focus on getting the proportions right rather than details.
    Both followed the familiar "draw a circle and ...