1. The Soundscape Part 1

    Image credit @The_Soundscape

    Your haunt LOOKS great! How does it sound? Is it quiet until the monster pops up? Is it loud all the time? Does each scene have a soundtrack unique to it? The soundscape can really help immerse patrons in your nightmare world!

    The word "soundscape" was coined by Canadian sound author and composer R. Murray Schafer. His concept of ...
  2. Anti-Gravity

    There is something inside my brain that I seem unable to turn off. When I say I cannot do something or do not know how it is done, it won't leave me alone.

    Fortunately, in this information age, I can usually just use a search engine and find out. When I wrote last week's blog entry, I mentioned that making fluid flow upwards was beyond me. It was meant to be kind of amusing, not really a serious challenge.

    By the time I was finished, I realized my brain had been ...
  3. Portraits from the Uncanny Valley

    Watching a video the other day, I saw some pictures from the Butcher of Provincetown haunt in Scarborough, CN. On one of the walls was an old black and white portrait the face scratched out. I thought, "what a great way to tell a story"!

    I know we've all seen the lenticular photos for sale everywhere from Dollar Tree to Spirit Halloween.
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    These pictures tell a story too, but I find a photo with the face scratched out more unsettling. ...
  4. Scare Box and Drop Panel?

    Here's a video showing how to build a "scare box", which I understand originated in Amish country 150 years ago:

    I have been wondering if one could not use this basic concept turned 90 degrees to make a drop panel?

    It would have to be sturdy material, for sure. Ideally, it would trigger a sound as well. The monster would not need to pass the window - though I think it is was an old mophead, if could... ...