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    Glad you like them!
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    Thanks for the response. I come up with a lot of half baked ideas that truly do need to be built to see how they can be improved.
    This is basically two thoughts on application. One, it's static and the patrons go through it, like a static fish trap. Similar examples include the claustrophobia tunnel. The thing with that is it's not very scary.
    The other does indeed use moving walls. I think an actor would have to force the patron to keep moving forward by scares or, possibly, by closing off the hall behind them. How a fire marshal would react to that, I am not sure! I think I could make the case that the hall is still open in one direction, even if they have to go through the brushes to escape.
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    Many thanks for the kind words. I am gratified you find my ramblings useful!
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    You are not alone there! Many haunters spend so much time focusing on the technical stuff they forget to come up with a costume. For most of us, though, getting into a costume for trick or treat was our introduction to The Holiday.
    I think of myself as a costumer first. Even so, I have had a few seasons where I put together my costume on the day of. Fortunately, I have a literal tub o'costumes with makeup, masks, etc. I can always pull a passable costume out of my ...tub. ;-)
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    Allen is THE MAN!
    Here is the interview mentioned and linked to in the article:
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    Glad to be of service!
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    Thank you Godzilla! I am glad you enjoyed the post. I hope to see some of yours here some day!
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    You are spot on Jim.
    I wish I was visiting the site and your blog for the last 2 years. I know writing these takes time and effort.

    Thank you again.
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    I have not seen this idea in person. I like the idea and the reference to the fish trap is very effective in clarifying the idea. Perhaps better than the illustration. I have to admit the image with the red lines (moving walls, I believe) looks like it would definitely meet with resistance from patrons. I'd be very interested to see a mock up, because I'm loving the idea, but I am lost with understanding the mechanics of the entrance system represented by the red lines. I find it an extremely clever idea though.
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    Ummm, good ideas! Really good ideas
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    Thanks for sharing Jim. I love Allen's work and his ethic. He is so easy, open and clever. I love to watch him live on Facebook too. I had not seen the interview you alluded to, but I will be looking for it. The idea of this haunt is another great idea!
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    I truly suffer in the costume area. I am always thinking of the story, the progression, the sound the music, the characters, the lighting, the building... etc. and always forget to get my character and costume ready. It happens almost every year.
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    Now you are really getting me thinking. I was working on a gray scale idea, but the white idea is definitely worthy of considering. I was considering the gray in an effort to brighten up a room in a darker haunt, but now I have to consider white as a possibility too.
    Thanks for giving me more work LOL.
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    I agree and I find the post fascinating. I had never thought about haunting in this way, but your description of what we do and what the artists are doing are spot on. Thank you, this is a very insightful post. I have to visit this site more often. I thought facebook was where everything in the group was happening. I was obviously wrong.
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    You can visit the grave of Jacob Waltz on Tuesdays (or Thurs, I forget)which is located at the Pioneer Military Park Cemetery at 15th Avenue and Harrison Street in downtown Phoenix. Just need to go through the Smirthwaite house, and get someone from the historical society to open the gate for you. While you're there, take time to visit some notable persons-- like the guy who named Phoenix and Tempe.

    Lots of other legends--
    The Ghost Bus of Hwy 93 is a favorite of mine.
    There are also strange disappearances of people, like the park ranger at Faraway Ranch in the chiricahuas.

    ... also know a lot of buried/hidden/forgotten treasure stories... like whatever happened to the money cochise county deputy Burt Alvord stashed after robbing trains?

    Would type more, but posting from the phone is vexing.
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    Since I am currently limited to one video clip per entry, here it is in Amaluna:
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    Be sure to post some pictures, GP!
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    My first couple of years, I put out whatever i had plus the new props i made. The last few years have been entirely themed - old west, zombies, cemetery. This year, the theme is lighting based - blacklight. So while the props are not cohesive in and of themselves - I've got zombies, ghosts, headstones, bugs, pumpkins - they are all blacklight.
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    Love the ideas and the possibilities!
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