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  1. Witch Doctor Rattle Mod

    Cruising through the thrift stores, I came across this creepy little thing:
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    It is pretty freaky and weird all on its own, but I thought I could give it a makeover. The base seems like a coconut shell sanded smooth and carved. Both sides have the same carving. The teeth are pieces of paper glued inside. A couple of bottle caps inside make the "rattle".

    I started by replacing the hair with the ...
  2. Making a Horror Doll with Paper Mache Part 2

    Last time, I left the doll parts drying. Now they are all dry and ready for paint. There are any number of paint options. For this project, I started by giving all the parts a black base coat.
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    To help the next layers "pop" more clearly, I decide to do a dry brush of white right over the black. I find, when putting colors right on the black, it is easy to muddy them.
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  3. Small Beginnings

    Fans of Manga may be familiar with the name Junji Ito. He has authored several horror works, including Uzumaki, which has also been made into a movie.

    I bring this up because of the premise of Uzumaki. A town is under a curse involving spirals. As a result, the people of the town are obsessed with and paranoid of spirals. There's a whole plot with a character's hair starting to spiral and draining life energy and so on. The concept I'd like to extract here is how this escalates, ...
  4. AZ Haunter Awards Tombstone Trophies

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    Sometime in 2018 the decision was made to have a contest among AZ Haunters to recognize their dedication to the art of haunting. The details and results can be read HERE and HERE.

    To have a contest, we needed a prize. But, what kind of trophy would be suitable? Some kind of skeleton to put on the mantle, perhaps? A Jack o' Lantern? Maybe a certificate? I decided to make tombstones as prizes/trophies so the winners could display them with pride. ...
  5. It's 渋み, Charlie Brown!

    Can I just take a moment to say what a genius idea the costumes in this pic are?

    The characters are trick or treating n basically a sheet and mask. It was probably an invention to simplify the animation. Yet, it really is a great idea! Nothing I have seen in photographs or movies leads me to believe this was a common practice. I've seen photos of people ...
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