1. House of Restless Spirits

    From 2007 to 2013, the House of Restless Spirits haunt in Santa Monica thrilled Halloween lovers looking for something other than jump scares and chainsaws.
    People would line up around the block and stand in line for hours to walk AROUND this house, peeking into windows to see ghostly images and haunted happenings.

    Inspired by the Hallowed Haunting Grounds, professional magician Eric Maurin and aerospace engineer Rick Ouwerkerk created what was called "the spookiest and ...
  2. DryRot Gulch Lights On Tour

    This video is a "lights on" walk-thru of DryRot Gulch.
    Just to show the props.

    Tour starts with The Sentinel. This was, of course, inspired by Master Pumpkinrot. You can't tell form the pictures or video, but the left arm of that prop was actually engineered as a puppet, so a hidden actor could "grab" patrons. For the Nervous Nellies out there, the hand is made entirely of furniture foam, so it's the